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Food Review: Nachos - HALIFAX needs to start A Nacho Week like Burger Week, do you agree?

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Let's just start this Nacho Review blog by stating just how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Nachos!!! Also, let me tell you the Nachos that come out of my oven are unearthly, I do not mean to brag (Ok, maybe just a bit!) but the Nachos that I have MASTERED deserves a Michelin Star, they are just that incredible. The nachos I cook up in my kitchen are legit Gourmet Nachos!

Here is something that I would LOVE if Halifax had...

so I suggest the city of Halifax..

PICTURE THIS: For one week anytime throughout the year, similar to Burger Week in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the city commenced a NACHO WEEK!!!

Mock up Poster of Halifax's Nacho Week
IMAGE: Mock up Poster of Halifax's Nacho Week

Halifax Nacho Week has a nice ring to it, don't you think?! Similar to Burger Week, Halifax Nacho Week could help raise money by taking portions of the revenue and making donations to FEED NS. I truly think if Halifax hosted a Nacho Week with the restaurants around the city, it would amazing and gain a lot of interest. I mean, who doesn't love nachos (Sorry to those who are lactose intolerant). The Nachos in the restaurants around Halifax are quite excellent, I have tried several different nachos from several locations of restaurants around the city. Maybe if Halifax hosted a Nacho Week, restaurants could then experiment with different ingredient options.

Let's circle back to that

Nacho Review..

For this Food Review, Nachos around Halifax is the focus. I will be reviewing three different Nacho dishes I had the pleasure of enjoying with my Husband were the Thai Wonton Nachos at the Big Leagues in Cole Harbor, Nachos at the Millstone Public House in Russell Lake and Lower Deck Nachos at the The Lower Deck Bar and Grill in Clayton Park. I will rate each NACHO dish out of 5 STARS and give pros and cons to support my opinions.

5 Gold Stars
IMAGE: 5 Gold Stars

NACH-O average MOM's First Food Review: So were they good?

One thing I think that Halifax would ALSO benefit from is a restaurant that specializes in just one food item on the MENU; that being a NACHOS version that is similar to SUBWAY. At the Nacho Bar, the customers would enter the restaurant then would walk up to a ORDERING counter, order, select the different toppings from a windowed display, such as veggies, toppings and proteins. The nachos are then flash broiled similar to an air fryer before the Nachos are served to the waiting customers. This would be within minutes of customer ordering. To me, I think that sounds like a wonderful restaurant idea.

In no particular order let's start this

Nacho Food Review

off at...

THE Thai Wonton Nachos, I have now ordered twice - as is, straight off the menu and I need to confirm; the nachos held their own each time. First and second impressions were both stand outs on the menu. Normally when ordering a food item off a restaurant menu, I tend to either add or remove

ingredients however that was not the case for the Thai Wonton Nachos AND AM I EVER HAPPY I didn't because all ingredients compliment each other perfectly. The first time, I ordered take-out and took the Nachos home to eat with my Husband and kids, the second time I ordered Nachos while out for a Birthday dinner for a Best Friend of mine. The Thai Wonton Nachos have a lime sour cream and sweet chili sauce overtop even so it does not come with any dipping sauces on the side. It would be a great addition to the item if the sauces came with the nachos also had then come with a small cup on the side to dip.

Next on the review list is...

The Millstone Public House has been a restaurant I had the opportunity to dine inside, twice now. During both experiences, OF COURSE, you know I had ordered NACHOS.

Each time the nachos had this delicious

homemade Millstone seasoning that is smothering the tortilla chips from top to bottom. Both impressions my husband and I had of the NACHOS were how GENEROUS Millstone was with the toppings. Usually restaurant's only put the veggies on top of the nachos, MILLSTONE put the veggies on the TOP AND BOTTOM of the nachos. The nachos do

come with Salsa and Sour Cream however if you're like me and like to dip nachos in both the SALSA & SOUR CREAM.. there certainly is not enough for the amount of nachos received. The homemade MILLSTONE seasoning takes one for the team in the taste department.


The Nachos at The Lower Deck in Clayton Park are certainly one of my TOP FAVS when it comes to ordering TAKEOUT NACHOS.

My husband and I LOVE to order the Lower Deck Nachos during our date nights, we will absolutely drive to and from for 35+ minutes PLUS Bridge tolls each way just to so we can enjoy. The Lower Deck Nachos never seem to disappointment me the several times I have had these nachos. Many years back My Husband and I ate the Lower Deck Nachos for the first time, our first impression a few years back.. we said to each other..


The Nachos also have lots of mixed topping, which is a bonus. The impressions of the Lower Deck Nachos have always been quite consistent. When I first open the Nachos I do notice one down fall was the portion of Sour Cream and Salsa like a lot of restaurant's. It is also not often you can choice to add PULLED PORK to your nachos, that was a must for my HUSBAND and I. With the option to be able to add-on pulled pork is huge for bonus points in my books!

Nachos Tested: Bro, Have you even tried these Nachos yet?

It would be safe to say almost all the restaurants I have gone to or will go to in my future, I HAVE or WILL ORDER NACHOS. Nachos are generally a safe bet for me since I am an EXTREMELY INDECISIVE WOMEN. However now that I have indulged in such a vast variety of Nachos, I can now safely call myself a self proclaimed EXPERT when it comes to NACHOS and reviewing the quality and flavor overall. You can rest easy knowing that I mean business when creating this NACHO review. GOURMET nachos; the regular tortilla chips and cheese nachos at a pizza place just don't cut it for me anymore. I have had to many nachos that are amazing to allow myself to settle 👌.

Nachos: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Halifax Food Review Nachos
IMAGE: Poster showcasing the Pros and Cons in a Halifax Food Review: Nachos

When I begin thinking to the times before UBER EATS or SKIP THE DISHES and to when the only establishment's you could order Nachos was ordering from the local pizza place or when you dinned in at a Local Pub. I do get a bit nostalgic thinking about the olden days in the restaurant industry and how much it has changed over the decades, from Covid and soon to be the new FUTURE of the restaurant industry; AI. `

SIDEnote: There are so many tech companies popping up in every city, working on their start ups for their business', investing and creating technology that will change the tech industry world in unfathomable ways. Restaurants and customer service industries will be forever changed as well. The world ahead is going to be an immersive digital tech world within out finger tips. If we look into the years to come, I believe AI will be everywhere and the limits with be infinite. Humans will soon see AI communicate with us in a more advanced manner with humans as well as with fellow AI compared to interacts we have present day. Furthermore in AI when it comes to tech, really cool changes are customer When a customer places our next food online, through the drive thru or on a mobile device.

Currently in places throughout the USA, companies are offering AI services. Think about maybe the next time you go out and place an order via AI when ordering your next Tim Hortons, Starbucks or McDonald's Drive-thru order. <Restaurants Move Toward More Automated, Personalized Drive-Thrus (>

In the not to distant future we will not need to think twice about the dependance we have on AI and how mch AI has changed so many job industries. When a customer would call to book a reservation at any restaurant of their choice, the AI could then take the task cue and can take seconds rather than minutes to complete the reservation has become 1000x easier and more efficient. One of the newest TECH COMPANIES in the industry today are working on the newest technologies to date, is a company from the Santa Clara, CA; SOUNDHOUND.

Check out their website linked below.

Arrow sketched in blue pointing downwards left

When thinking about ordering NACHOS via take-out or going out to dinner there is ALWAYS a fantastic ATLERNATIVE to ordering take-out when something to consider is when cooking homemade Nachos, the feeling of satisfaction you have from making the meal AT HOME and ALSO the money saved.. ALWAYS to make your own nachos at home, which is something I must say to toot my own horn but In My Opinion, I make the BEST homemade nachos if it came down to a competition.

Add + A Little Spice

The ingredients I include on my HOMEMADE NACHOS are a combination of the top ingredients I LOVE; sundried tomatoes, feta, shredded marble cheese, red and green bell peppers, red onions, sliced dill pickle, sliced well seasoned BBQ style with Buffalo BBQ Sauce Chicken. When cooking the nachos at home, make sure you wait until the blocks of cheese go on sale; we all know HOW cheese is such an unreasonably high expense at the grocery stores.

One tip I would say is to layer the chips first, a little cheese 1/3 of the toppings then a little cheese then repeat.. and to ensure you bake the nachos on low-mid heat first, once the cheese has started to melt and the edges of the chips are golden, then place the oven temp to broil-high for couple minutes then let the nachos stand before separating to serve.

The FINAL review... in STAR form...


Stars out of 5

portion size - tortilla chip quality - ingredients - flavor

Big Leagues

4 Gold Stars

4 1/2 Gold Stars

5 Gold Stars

Gold Winner Ribbon

Overall; Well Done Nachos - Highly Recommend Ordering

I am eager to hear from any of the readers, if you have any RECOMMENDATIONS FOR a restaurant that sells NACHOS and is a bit unique and they would like to share with us. My husband and I love to try NEW restaurants when we can. Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to share your experiences with me if you have any as well as any experiences with any of the restaurants mentioned in this blog.

I ALMOST forgot.... If you have a moment...

CHECK OUT the Google Reviews on Google Maps, I have published a handful of reviews and pictures around the city. 🙌

Ok so I guess this wraps up my SECOND OFFICIAL blog post and I have to admit, I completely understand what bloggers enjoy about creating blogs, by using this side of their creativity. Thank you to all the readers for taking the time out of your day & I hope you enjoyed the Food Review on Nachos around Halifax.

Now onto the next blog post, please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my EMAIL list for new content, future events, collaborations (Fingers Crossed), discounts and of course much more.


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