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Blog Ideas? Pick a Niche. but it's hard! Really, how do you pick just one???

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

The title speaks for itself doesn't it HAHA. So I guess that is where I will begin my story and blog.. so without any further a due (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)..

Welcome to my blog!!

Heyyyy, I'm Megan Brewer, It is a pleasure to meet you and I am thrilled you have found this BLOG or my web site!

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me to start things off, I am in my mid thirties, a wife and mother of two, 7 & 15 and a mature student looking to transition from my career in Finance. I am interested in a lot at the moment such as digital design, tech and digital marketing world, Content creation and lots more, that now brings me (and us) to today writing (and reading) a blog while I then also find myself sitting with my Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 Laptop at 2:17am typing this blog…

As I sit here and I think about where to even begin my blog and an idea or topic I start to google: "Best Blog ideas for 2023" and "what is my blog niche?" when in all reality there are sooo many ideas and topics. ALSO with my ADHD there was ABSOLUTELY no way I can or could even begin to choose just one topic to discuss for my blog. (Especially, for my first ever blog!)

So here we are again LOL, I'm thinking about maybe my blog with be about a bunch of different topics surrounding life as a mid-thirties mom/wife trying to transition from her career in Finance for the last 15 years into a completely new industry, maybe even how to live life as a newly diagnosed ADHD Women and how the diagnosis had changed my life. Topics could range from Google reviews around my city, Halifax Nova Scotia, I certainly have then up the hobby and enjoying posting and creating reviews for local business' on Google Reviews.

OHH another cool idea could maybe be .. Uh I forget!! I had it at the tip of my tongue. Anyway, I have to continue to type otherwise I find I can't actually get anything to come

out onto the pages from my brain. That is certainly as aspect of ADHD, I have learned to embrace and bend into it rather than away from.

AND BACK to remembering HAH.
  • --> So I was thinking about how much AI is changing and that would be an interesting topic to post updates or prompt ideas. See what I mean!? How does a person just choice one topic for their blog. As I am new to the blogging world, I gotta say -- I am definitely nervous putting anything out there and especially myself, on the world wide web LOL!! But honestly.

  • The trolls right.. Yah know though… WHATEVER to that. I am going to embrace the excitement and enjoy trying to learn the digital marketing aspects to blogging and learning the new exciting digital world that awaits our future.

I am very excited to learn more, I think I would absolutely love working in that industry. I would be able to release the creativity I have inside that I can not exert while working at the bank. Here goes the next journey in my life moving towards my dream of working in an industry where I can be creative and enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY.

AND ALSO which job or career AI can not take over or replace! LOL We laugh, but it's true!

So this blog is short but sweet, we now know each other a bit more than we did before. I will be starting a Newsletter to keep everyone up to date on any new blog posts!

Make sure to follow and subscribe when the Newsletter is

released and you can ensure you get a copy!


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